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Subject:Track Offset ?
Posted by: slcrz
Date:10/12/2002 10:10:25 AM

I noticed recently that there is no way to offset an entire track...
lets say u have a track of one shot hihats programmed and u want ure entire track to be a bit before or after there is no way to do it...
Is that right or am I missing something.

That would make live so much easier to implement track offset in negative value also.

Subject:RE: Track Offset ?
Reply by: ibliss
Date:10/12/2002 10:43:08 AM

If you right click on an Event in a Track and choose 'Select All On Track' everything on that track will be highlighted. You can then move them backwards or forwards together.

Choose 'Select events to end' if, say, you want to adjust at the events from halfway through the track.

You can also select events on multiple tracks using the Selection Tool.

To insert time into a project, go to the Insert menu and choose 'Time...' - you can then enter a value in bars & beats, and blank space will be inserted at the position of the cursor.

Mike K

Subject:RE: Track Offset ?
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:10/12/2002 1:57:58 PM

Try also turning snapping off (F8 on your keyboard) or hold down SHIFT while moving the event(s) around. (This temporarily turns snapping off.)

Might want to also try slipping (ALT plus drag within an event), slip-trimming (ALT plus drag the edge of an event), or sliding (CTRL+ALT while dragging within an event). You can also use SHIFT in combination with these to disable snapping. (You can only do one event at a time, though.)


Subject:RE: Track Offset ?
Reply by: slcrz
Date:10/12/2002 5:01:42 PM

Thank you for answering but actually I wasn't talking about 'moving' events around...
I meant,being able to put an offset in mSec on a track with one shot samples, a bit like the offset for loops or diskbased tracks

Its pretty much the same result as moving the parts around except it would have been good to shift groups of one shots events with precision in negative or positive values not with the Snapping off (F8)

Subject:RE: Track Offset ?
Reply by: ibliss
Date:10/12/2002 8:43:23 PM

I think I know what you mean... in which case you could do this:

1) In the menu, go to 'View > Time Ruler >' and choose 'show time ruler'.
2) Right click on the ruler that appears (bottom of track view) and choose 'samples'
3) Select muliple events as described in my previous post
4) Turn snapping off and Zoom right in on the timline.
5) move your events by lining them up with the ruler marks. (made easier by maximising the track so that the edge of the event is displayed right next to the ruler).

Or I guess you could resort to putting a delay plugin on the track.

Mike K

Subject:RE: Track Offset ?
Reply by: slcrz
Date:10/13/2002 6:54:09 AM

yeah, that could do it...
but I was also trying to suggest to SOFO to inplant a function 'Offset' on every kind of tracks...
(Have u ever tried CUbase where u can shift around any material...)
Tx for u time anyway.


Subject:RE: Track Offset ?
Reply by: TeeCee
Date:10/14/2002 1:56:03 PM

It seems like the Select All and then slide all would do the trick for you. That is moving all of the audio by the same amount.

Barring that, you could edit the sample and add some silence to the beginning.


Subject:RE: Track Offset ?
Reply by: spesimen
Date:10/14/2002 5:39:12 PM

yah, sliding them works, but i agree that an offset would be quite helpful!! sliding is only useful if you are done composing completely and then want to adjust 'feel'.

the problem is, if offset the sounds a tiny bit, but then need to do more edits to it, you have to kill the offset first, then do the edits, and then move it back (since it would be impossible to paste/edit new parts like extra hats all at exactly the same offset, especially when you are talking about a shift of just 10 or 15ms).

another workaround is to mix the track down to a loop, then use the alt key to slide it, but this still makes new events added to that track have the wrong timing then.

Subject:RE: Track Offset ?
Reply by: slcrz
Date:10/14/2002 6:02:18 PM

Exactly what I meant 'spesimen' !!!
and also that and offset button would improve work flow greatly...
I'm happy to see somebody thinking like me here ;)

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