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Subject:Playback keeps failing on songs
Posted by: LuciferSam
Date:10/4/2002 1:14:39 PM

Acid 3.0 has done this to me several times now, and it sucks because I have to totally start the project over from scratch. What happens is that playback fails. After a certain point, the song starts skipping and slowing down and it's like the program can't read the file or something. And then it happens at the same point each and every time, so I have to start all my work all over again, because it also will not let me write the song to CD. WTF man?

Subject:RE: Playback keeps failing on songs
Reply by: justifiedalive
Date:10/4/2002 1:26:33 PM

what is your view set to when it stops? Piano roll?

Subject:RE: Playback keeps failing on songs
Reply by: SonicJG
Date:10/4/2002 1:36:26 PM

ACID 3.0?

questions to consider:
1. What OS are you on?
2. Do you have the latest update (3.0g) installed?
3. Any other things going on in the background?
4. How large is the project?
5. Do you have effects, especially reverb, on any tracks? 3.0f, I believe, fixed a processor denormalling bug...
6. What soundcard and driver version are you using?


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