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Subject:crash at recording audio with 4.
Posted by: Pindal
Date:9/8/2002 5:49:50 PM

this didn´t happen before but, suddenly, Acid crashes when I try to record audio.
Have anyone encounter this problem?

Subject:RE: crash at recording audio with 4.
Reply by: nlamartina
Date:9/8/2002 5:53:11 PM


Tell us about your setup, like what kind of processor, what OS, what service packs are installed, how much memory, speed of your disks, etc. Also, when you say crash, do you mean it locks up and freezes, or does it just disappear? Does it give an error message? This information will assist everyone in helping you.

- Nick

Subject:RE: crash at recording audio with 4.
Reply by: Pindal
Date:9/9/2002 4:34:23 PM

I have uninstall Acid 4. and reinstall ( after removing all sonicfoundry references from the registry with Regclean) and everything is running smoothly. I installed Acid 4 in the first time while having Acid 3 and it seems that is a good idea starting 4 from scratch.
Thanks anyway nlamartina for your help

Subject:RE: crash at recording audio with 4.
Reply by: LarryAW
Date:9/9/2002 7:49:49 PM

I'm glad you got your problem figured out. I am on the previous long thread talking about the same problem with Acid Pro 4. Since I have Vegas Video 3, Sound Forge 6, Noise Reduction 2 plug-in, and Acid Pro 3 working perfectly, I am very reluctant to remove all references on my computer to Sonic Foundry. After having the same frustration you had with Acid Pro 4, I uninstalled it and decided to wait for an update. However, I would be willing (relunctantly) to remove Acid Pro 3 and reinstall Acid Pro 4 and see if that solves the problem. I am reluctant because every other audio program I have currently works perfectly with Audigy Platinum 'native' drivers, and with Ego-Sys Waveterminal 2496 - however Acid Pro 3 does not work well with the Waveterminal. It works great with Audigy Platinum and Creative drivers (e.g., without the kX drivers others are using). It won't kill me to continue using Acid Pro 3 and wait for an update that will fix this problem. My computer configuration is mentioned in an earlier thread.

Thanks to all users in this forum who are trying to help those of us with problems. I appreciate it and I am sure others do too. I am not a programmer, so I couldn't even get a computer program to say "Hello world," so I never expect a sure thing when I purchase a program or an update, especially when I am too stupid (and impatient) to test drive a demo first.

- less than 15 minutes to the Steelers and Patriots game. Thanks and bye.


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