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Subject:SF6 and regions, problem with
Posted by: jgalt
Date:9/9/2002 9:05:13 AM

I'm a long time user of Sound Forge and have never had a problem with what I'm about to describe.

Recently I upgraded to SF 6.0b. I don't often extract regions from a sound file with multiple songs on it but have successfully done so with earlier versions of SF. With my first attempt to do this with SF 6.0b, I tried 4 times to extract regions. Each time I ended up with all of the extracted regions as separate files but the files are empty ~ they do not contain any data ~ they are zero byte files.

This is the procedure I follow:
I click Special/Region Lists/Markers to Regions
I then click Tools/Extract Regions

Has the procedure changed or is a "bug" nipping at me? XP Pro, 1.6 Gig CPU.

Subject:RE: SF6 and regions, problem with
Reply by: peahix
Date:9/9/2002 1:05:28 PM


be sure to check and see if your markers are being correctly converted into regions. sometimes when you convert markers to regions, what will happen is that the regions that are created will end up with their start and end points both at the exact same spot as the original marker, thus resulting in a sizeless "empty" region. i can't remember exactly under what conditions sound forge does this, but if you can't find a solution to the problem, just go in and manually create your regions by highlighting in between the markers and hitting "R."

hope this helps-


Subject:RE: SF6 and regions, problem with
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:9/9/2002 1:06:10 PM

I do this same procedure every Sunday morning with 6.0b and it works well for me. The original 6.0 had a bug in which the files seemed to split a fraction of a second before the marker, but 6.0a & b seem to have fixed this.

Subject:RE: SF6 and regions, problem with
Reply by: jgalt
Date:9/10/2002 3:38:09 PM

Thanks to peahix and Chienworks for responding to my plea. A real fix hasn't appeared on the scene. One of my PC's has both the latest version of SF5 and SF6 on it. The correct procedure works fine with 5 but not with 6. The large file chopped into segments quite nicely with SF5. Perhaps the restoration gods are getting even with me for past indescretions on my part?

Subject:RE: SF6 and regions, problem with
Reply by: SonyTSW
Date:9/10/2002 10:12:08 PM

What is the format of the file that you are extracting the regions from? Is it a wav file (uncompressed or compressed format), etc.? Knowing some details about your working file could help us reproduce the problem.

Subject:RE: SF6 and regions, problem with
Reply by: jgalt
Date:9/12/2002 5:40:57 AM

The file I loaded into SF was an ogg file. I haven't had the opportunity to try again ~ This time, first saving it as a wav file, closing it, reloading the wav version and then work on regions. I'll try that technique (eventually) and see how it works.

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