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Subject:I'm a Paid BETA TESTER now!
Posted by: QuincyJ
Date:9/7/2002 11:33:05 AM

I visit this forum everyday and no post since Aug2001. After analyzing all the post here i decided to go on and dig in my pocket. I got the $99.95 DownLoad deal for ACID4.0, feeling this the best option rite Now. Think i'll just let it sit awhile on this 100mb Zip disk befo Installing, with BUG Spray close at hand until SF start doing the version Updates which i'm sure they Will! Seems the purchase today at the discounted Price is a good investment. Only time will tell, i'm confident cause SF has had a very Good Track Record maintaining all the other Software programs i've purchased from them over the years. (except CD Architect)

Subject:RE: I'm a Paid BETA TESTER now!
Reply by: Maruuk
Date:9/7/2002 1:05:27 PM

Yeah, this is one big telethon for:

"Help Rimas's Kids! (go to Harvard)--send in the $99 to help a starving coder in Madison, Wisconsin stay alive and warm enough to add ReWire to Acid. The Winters are brutal here, so send blankets and hot chocolate, too. For each contribution, we'll send you an Acid 4.0 dev kit with all the tools necessary to debug millions of lines of code in your spare time! You'll be helping to build an actual release version of Acid Pro, which we're tentatively calling 'Acid 4.0z' pending any additions to the English alphabet."

Unfortunately, this scenario is not that whimsical. Send in the dang money and get testing, Acidheads!!! And a spare blanket ot two wouldn't hurt, either.

Subject:RE: I'm a Paid BETA TESTER now!
Reply by: Jacose
Date:9/7/2002 2:39:54 PM

well, Im not for maruuk-style "we need to HELP sonic foundry"

but even though I have many posts criticizing ACID 4, I do have faith in there products. I just think they screwed up with this one, and redemption is certainly attainable.

Just get 4.0a out there ASAP, WITHOUT compromising quality.
get it as stable as 3, and we'll all be esctatic.

I dont even wanna recommend this product to my enemies its so buggy right now.

but after it gets on track, Illl be raving about it 4 sho

Subject:RE: I'm a Paid BETA TESTER now!
Reply by: FlipJack
Date:9/7/2002 4:06:22 PM

It's definately screwy and patience is definately a virtue in ACID 4.0 land, but I've created some damn good music with it so far, and I wouldn't stick with it, even through all the reboots, and downright WEIRD crashes, if it didn't kick ass. Once they get all the kinks worked out (which I KNOW they will...right guys??) We'll all be limited only by our imaginations...............

Subject:RE: I'm a Paid BETA TESTER now!
Reply by: QuincyJ
Date:9/8/2002 11:05:49 AM

Think i'll just ignore this email rec'd when i purchased Acid4.0 on Saturday. Why would i recommend this product in it's present State? Why take a bribe for some Free Loops that no real artist would use anyway? My friends who are producers would laugh me out of Town! Not to mention the ass kickin i'd get cause they spent $199.95 to be Beta Testers.

-----Original Message-----
> From: []
> Sent: Saturday, September 07, 2002 10:32 AM
> To:
> Thank you for your recent purchase of ACID PRO 4.0. ACID will change the
> way you think about, look at, and create music. Why not change a few
> minds yourself, and receive FREE loops for doing so?
> Tell your friends about ACID PRO 4.0's $199.95 special introductory price.
> For every new user you refer that purchases by September 30, 2002, you'll
> get a FREE* Loops for ACID library - your choice from over 45
> professional-quality libraries full of royalty-free loops. Here's how it
> works:
> Email or tell your friends about ACID PRO, and send them to
> for the boxed version
> or for downloadable
> when they are ready to buy.
> On the Sonic Foundry Online Store address form, your friends will see a
> field labeled "Referred By". Tell them to put your email address,
>, in that field.
> Shortly after the September 30 deadline, we'll total up your referrals and
> send you an email to let you know how many Loops for ACID libraries you've
> earned. At that time you can call our customer service department to
> claim your FREE* Loops for ACID libraries.
> *Shipping charges will apply. Offer expires September 30, 2002.

Subject:RE: I'm a Paid BETA TESTER now!
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:9/8/2002 11:20:41 AM

I believe that referral program was always in place. I remember referring a friend for ACID Pro 3.0 (in what seems like yesterday) and got a free loop library out of the deal.


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