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Subject:ASIO drivers Aardvark Q10
Posted by: QuincyJ
Date:9/8/2002 8:53:24 AM

Building a new system and in the mean time installed Acid4.0 on old system(win98,PII-450) Been trying to get the DEMO song (Hybrid 1) to play so i can experience the new Acid4.0 features. All other SF software running smov plus Ableton LIVE has no ASIO problems with the Q10, but ACID4.0 chokes and locks Whole system when i configure it to Use the ASIO drivers in my AARDVARK Q10, luckily when the programs Crashes and after a Hard Boot, it does do a fair job of Cleaning up behind itself. I sense the same Program Developement teams that did Acid 3.0, Vegas, and SoundForg are not the same. This New Acid4.0 just does not have the Feel of previous SF packages. I work with Software all day at work and it's easy to get a feel for the character of Software. I'll keep tweaking but so far i'm not very comfortable Firing up Acid4.0

Subject:RE: ASIO drivers Aardvark Q10
Reply by: ramallo
Date:9/9/2002 2:42:20 AM


I have the same problem with RME Hamerfall DSP Asio drivers (I use RME MME drivers for work with Acid), looks like SF needs work a lot on the Asio support.

RME asio 2 works outstanding with Nuendo (In my computer)


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