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Subject:ACID 4 or cubase sx and abelton live
Posted by: ozzborn
Date:8/25/2002 2:38:17 AM

i have been hooked on acid since 2.0 . Acid 2.0 synced to reason (via hubis) has been my main software for 2 years.i have done remixes of hip hop and pop/RnB artist ,as well as produced rap,trip hop,neo soul,electronica(usally big beat and house) and starting to work on hybird rock(garbage,curve,linkin park).

my normal setup is open up pulsar cards,open up acid 2.0 (not 3.0)open reason and sync the two(its not great, it drifts alot,but i get the groove going and eventually export individual loops into 2.0 .) Acid 2 has two key features i rely on
#1 offset :hit ctrl and shift and grab any part of the loop and move it around is great or just to align a loop thats slightly ahead or behind is way easy
#2 the envelop feature ,copying the file copyied the automation
i then stop syncing reason and then sync a sequencer to acid for my pulsar synths and external gear.
its not very straight forward but its only recently that ive had alternatives.
i then arrange the song in 2.0 , save and open back up in 3.0 and mix.
i love acids user interface,its the best but vst 5.1,rewire reason 2 and abelton live works great, sync's perfect, but again acids userinterface is perfect 4 the way i work.
i was disappointed with the stabity of 4.0,the asio drivers are useless,the way you solo tracks 4 vsti is tedious(hope i spelled that right, this keyboard sucks.)and you cant audition external midi stuff live.
i dont post alot (i suck at typing) but i come to this forum 3-4 times a week (this month, EVERY SINGLE DAY.)
i believe i am sonicfoundrys target audience 4 acid , ireally like the new direction but i think your midi side is so radically diffrent than anyything out. most of us use cubase,logic,sonar,protools and midi and softsynth intergation even though diffrent in every app it still works very similar (sometimes standards are good to have.)please consider these changes
#1 stabilty
#2 make auditioning a external midi channel or vsti as simple as clicking on track ,its already assigned to the vsti or midi channel any way,and you have less hunting ,simple.
#4 REWIRE, i know its been brought up by many users ,i read all the post.i totally understand if you dont want rewire slave capability (meaning, open cubase or logic than open acid and it slaves.)you guys and girls at sonic are trying to expand acid into a loopbased DAW, hence the vsti's ,improved sound engine,opt,better but still not very good midi, and FOR ME THIS WAY OF WORKING IS PERFECT. but , I NEED REWIRE MASTER CABIBILTY's to run reason into acid pretty pretty please.
#5 something to consider ,uad cards and t.c. powercore are new professional tools for the rest of us that cant afford a 30,000 dollar protools system.and with vst pluggins we can improve our sound vastly with a way lower cost.

in conclusion i love acids new direction, and i await the bugfixes and small improvements.


Subject:RE: ACID 4 or cubase sx and abelton live
Reply by: Spirit
Date:8/25/2002 2:57:02 AM

What problems are you have with the ASIO drivers ? I use a PulsarII card with AcidPro4 and haven't had any problems with ASIO. I'm at 5ms latency and very stable. What version Pulsar/SFP software are you on ?

Subject:RE: ACID 4 or cubase sx and abelton live
Reply by: ozzborn
Date:8/25/2002 10:33:40 AM

2 pulsar 1 cards,1 powersampler ver 3.0

Subject:RE: ACID 4 or cubase sx and abelton live
Reply by: Sony_fshotwell
Date:8/26/2002 5:12:32 PM

Regarding the offset feature -- it's still in there (in versions 3 and 4), we just had to change the keyboard shortcut. It's alt+drag now, instead of ctrl+shift+drag. We changed the shortcut for the sake of consistency with a number of other drag modifiers that were introduced in Vegas.

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