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Subject:Converting Loops to One-Shots
Posted by: bartchilders
Date:8/8/2002 10:38:10 AM

I've got lots of drum samples (single hits and flams etc.) that show up as loops instead of one-shots.

I've been using SF-XP to change them (one-at-a-time) but, what a pain!!

Anyone know of an easier way to convert an entire subdirectory (or something) to one-shots? Please?

Subject:RE: Converting Loops to One-Shots
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:8/8/2002 11:23:38 AM

Because Sound Forge is the only digital audio editor I know of that saves ACIDized info with the file, it's the only app I can think of that will let a user convert a Loop to a One-shot. Not even Batch Converter 5 has such a feature.

There is a File>Save All command in Sound Forge (full, not sure about XP Studio) for any modified files, but you're still asked for parameters for the saves.


Subject:RE: Converting Loops to One-Shots
Reply by: StupidRobot
Date:8/8/2002 11:24:48 AM

Subject:RE: Converting Loops to One-Shots
Reply by: Erik_Nygaard
Date:8/9/2002 5:53:47 AM

Chickensys Translator will now let you acidize whole folders using the same options as Acid/SF; oneshots/loops/beatmapped.
I had a discussion with the lead programmer a few months back and they finally ironed out all problems. Very responsive support.
You don't need the full version, I use the cheaper Gigaversion for my conversions.
The process is really easy, I've used it to acidize about 15 CDs worth of 24-bit multitracked drumloops and am now converting the whole Discrete Drums library, another 9-10 CDs...

Subject:RE: Converting Loops to One-Shots
Reply by: bartchilders
Date:8/9/2002 10:09:50 AM

Perfect! Thank you!!

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