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Subject:Clicking sound !
Posted by: kakudmi
Date:6/9/2002 2:46:37 PM

I have SF 5.0 and when I copy a clip and then paste it and then paste it again I get the click in between. What shall I do?

Subject:RE: Clicking sound !
Reply by: rraud
Date:6/10/2002 12:51:58 AM

Don't do it.
ie" Doctor help: "it hurts when I do this";.. doctor sez, "don't do that".
(Sorry I couln't resist)
We need more info: What file format,sample rate ect.
Does this involve MP3s by any chance?

Subject:RE: Clicking sound !
Reply by: kakudmi
Date:6/10/2002 1:14:15 AM

No, no MP3s. Regular PCM 44,100hZ 16bit stereo microsoft RIFF file.
I would copy one part of the song (couple of seconds from the middle og the song) and then paste it at the begining of the song and I would get that gdmn click at the end of the paste.

Subject:RE: Clicking sound !
Reply by: Jessariah
Date:6/10/2002 8:53:34 AM

sounds like you're cutting the wave in a bad place. Make sure your selection falls on a crossing, otherwise you will get an audio "click" because you're cutting it off in mid-sample.

Subject:RE: Clicking sound !
Reply by: kakudmi
Date:6/10/2002 5:49:09 PM

But that is the whole point of cut and paste. I should be able to cut and paste just about anywhere in the song.

Subject:RE: Clicking sound !
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:6/10/2002 8:32:34 PM

Zero crossings usually occur hundreds or thousands of times per second. Chances are, "anywhere" you want is within a hair's bredth of a zero crossing. You won't have to sacrifice much to get to one.

Subject:RE: Clicking sound !
Reply by: TeeCee
Date:6/11/2002 1:24:06 PM

You can cut and paste anywhere you want. That is the point in cut and paste. That's not got anything to do with the laws of physics and the sound file you are working with. Sound files weren't re-invented when OS and software makers designed cut and paste. You are dealing with the physical situation of the fact that when you paste the clip in, you are making a high frequency blip that sounds like a click.


Subject:RE: Clicking sound !
Reply by: kakudmi
Date:6/20/2002 9:19:21 AM

I tried moving my selection one hundred split of a second left or right but stll, same sh..

Subject:RE: Clicking sound !
Reply by: jgalt
Date:6/20/2002 12:43:38 PM

I ran into this same problem with an early version of Sound Forge 5. I reported it to SF and later releases didn't create the click for me. Are you running the latest release?

Subject:RE: Clicking sound !
Reply by: Jajvalya
Date:6/22/2002 1:15:00 AM

you need to select and cut/copy your file from the Zero crossing (it means the place where the line representing the wave crosses the center line...if you observe that both the end and the beginning are cut from Zero Crossing the clicking will not occer..

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