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Subject:De-glitching of digital clicks?
Posted by: mpacid
Date:6/17/2002 10:40:43 PM


I am using Sound Forge 5.0 and was wondering if SF5 can be used to "de-glitch"
audio files that have been digitally ripped from scratched CD's. Can the "SF Click
and Crackle Removal" plug-in be used for this? If so, what would be the best
settings for this kind of problem.

Please let me know if my question doesn't make sense, maybe I can try to
re-word this better.

Thanks for your help :-)

Subject:RE: De-glitching of digital clicks?
Reply by: jgalt
Date:6/18/2002 5:50:03 AM

Hello. I'm not an expert at this so take my response with a "grain of salt." I've found the click removal algorhythms in SF to be helpful. They have a Sensitivity and a Proximity adjustment which allows you to adjust for particular clicks. They also have Interpolate and Replace options that allow you to select the type of "fix" you want. Click removal can be very aggressive however and you need to experiment to determine if good material was damaged. Triple tonguing trumpeters, trombone smears and stacato sax burts are particularly vulnerable. I would suggest you start with the defaults and then do considerable experimenting to develop a "feel" for different situations. If you develop a good "fix" for a given situation then save it and use the fix for future similar fixes.

All clicks are not the same! Although tedious, it is hard to beat the manual redrawing or replacing of damaged sound material with either the drawing pen or the copy and overwrite options.

Subject:RE: De-glitching of digital clicks?
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:6/18/2002 7:45:24 AM

Just to add a tiny bit to jgalt's good answer: you can select just the portion of the file with the click. This will allow you to aggressively correct that problem without affecting anything else in the file. If you have only a few problem areas then this will let you concentrate on just those areas rather than trying to find a setting that fixes the entire track without changing too many other things.

Subject:RE: De-glitching of digital clicks?
Reply by: inspector
Date:6/18/2002 2:21:15 PM

You may be able to eliminate the glitches before you open the file in Soundforge.

I have had great success with Exact Audio Copy. It will usually extract even scratched CD's without having glitches. If there are any you can correct them at the end of the process. I had a track on "Concert for Bangladesh" that was terribly scratched and after trying several extraction programs, had success extracting with CDRWin at 2x.


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