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Subject: time stretch
Posted by: Jballet
Date: 11/20/2015 11:48:59 PM

In sound forge 9 I was able to slow down or speed up my music, even just certain parts. Since I upgraded to 10 this does not work on any of my music. I can alter it on the whole piece but it will not save. I think I when it was downloaded it missed this, please help. Thank you

Subject: RE: time stretch
Reply by: Chienworks
Date: 11/21/2015 8:39:23 AM

Since there are several methods to do this, please tell us exactly what you are trying.

Subject: RE: time stretch
Reply by: ChristoC
Date: 11/21/2015 3:25:12 PM

SoundForgePro10 has 2 methods of Time Stretch available = élastique Timestretch and Sony Time Stretch, both available in the "Process" menu or as plugins in the plugin chain.

Search for "Time Stretch" in the Help menu....

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