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Subject: Sound Forge Pro 11 "Not Responding"
Posted by: johnnykid
Date: 9/8/2015 11:17:58 PM

Hello all
I recently "upgraded" from Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 to Sound Forge Pro 11. I have successfully installed and registered the software online. When I start the program, it loads the splash screen and then Sound Forge start, but then immediately freezes and goes unresponsive.

Things I've tried to resolve this issue:
1. Several uninstallations and reinstallations
2. Reverted back to Windows 8.1 from Win10
3. Clean install - uninstalled all Sony software and reinstalled SF Pro 11. Deleted all left over files, folders and registry keys.
4. Installed a Sound Card - Creative Sound Blaster Rx
5. Reset the App interface - starting SF Pro 11 while holding Ctrl + Shift
6. Contacted email Tech Support, they have been next to useless.
7. Run in Windows Compatibility Mode

System Info:
Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit
Intel i7
16 GB ram
Asus Sabertooth Z97 motherboard
Samsung 250 GB SSD
WD 1 TB Black HD
Sound Blaster Audigy Rx
NVidia GTX 970

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Subject: RE: Sound Forge Pro 11 "Not Responding"
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date: 9/9/2015 4:15:36 PM

Was it initially installed in Win8.1, or Win10 ?

SF installed on SSD C: drive ?

I would suggest setting insta;;ing SF on the SSD, but the SF Temp file on the 1TB drive, but I guess you can't do that if SF doesn't start !

How does SFAS10 go ? This would eliminate the soundcard driver as the problem.

Is the 1TB drive SATA. eSata, or other connection ?


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Subject: RE: Sound Forge Pro 11 "Not Responding"
Reply by: Allegretto
Date: 10/1/2015 3:55:03 PM

Some things to try:

1. You may have a video driver conflict. Do some internet searches to see if there is an incompatibility. Also try turning video acceleration off if there is an option for it in the video driver control panel.

2. You might have an audio plugin that is hanging things up. Try renaming the audio plugins folder and then starting Sound Forge. Does it run now? Be sure to rename it back when you are done.

Plugins are in the Audio folder under
C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Shared Plug-Ins

Since Sound Forge is a 32 bit app, it should ignore the Audio_x64 folder if there is one.

If that is the problem then you should be able to isolate the offending audio plugin.

There may be third-party audio plugins that could cause problems, sorry I can't help you with that.

3. There might be a conflict in a file format plugin. Try limiting the supported formats and seeing if SFP will run, this will help you isolate the problem.

Make a backup copy of everything in the FileIO Plug-Ins folder under where Sound Forge is installed. I don't have it installed on my computer, but it's probably
C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Sound Forge Pro 11.0

Create a temporary folder and move all of the plugin folders underneath FileIO Plug-Ins to it except wavplug. Does Sound Forge Pro start? If it does run, add plugins back to the folder one at a time and restart SFP until you find one that is the problem. (You may want to try one other plugin by itself such as flacplug just in case wavplug is a problem).

Subject: RE: Sound Forge Pro 11 "Not Responding"
Reply by: Allegretto
Date: 10/1/2015 4:04:26 PM

This may be a related thread. That user reported a BSOD which is different than what you are seeing (blue screen of death=system crash).

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