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Subject: Can't control note volume on a certain VST
Posted by: garybeck
Date: 9/8/2015 11:21:26 PM

I downloaded a great sounding cello VST.

But I can't adjust the volume on it.

The pan and volume controls on the left of the track and they have no affect.

I tried adding a volume envelop for automation. also no affect.

I tried adjusting the velocity for the notes (which to me seems to affect the volume more than anything on my other VSTs). Also no affect.

I tried going into the properties of the synth, and there are a few controls but none for volume (and they all seem to have no affect either.

Anyone have an idea why i can't adjust the volume on this?

Any idea how I can adjust the volume

Subject: RE: Can't control note volume on a certain VST
Reply by: pwppch
Date: 9/9/2015 5:59:27 PM

If the volume on the track does not work, then the VSTi does not pay attention to the standard controller for volume. If the VSTi has documentation , it may tell you what - if any - MIDI controllers it does listen to. In ACID you can remap the volume to any MIDI controller you want.

The other alternative is to use the synths bus in ACID to control the actual audio volume and pan.


Subject: RE: Can't control note volume on a certain VST
Reply by: garybeck
Date: 9/9/2015 10:19:21 PM

thanks for your reply.

I tried the synths bus as you suggested but it didn't work. here's what I did

1) create a new bus A (couldn't find a way to make a new synth bus, so I made simply made a new bus.
2) route the midi track to the new bus A. this was a little complicated. I noticed only the audio tracks have a button where I can easily assign the bus. So I had to go to the mixing console, right click on the track and assign the bus there. the midi track's output was assigned to the synth for that VST, so I went to that synth on the mixing console, right clicked on it and assiged the output to Bus A.
3) Then I used the View menu to make it show the buses. Then I could see Bus A. I was hoping that by adjusting the volume on bus A now, it would affect that midi track's volume, but it didn't.

did I miss something?
thanks for any help!

Subject: RE: Can't control note volume on a certain VST
Reply by: pwppch
Date: 9/11/2015 12:32:09 PM

When you add a softsynth - VSTi - the softsynth bus is automatically created. If you look a the mixer or show the bus lanes on the main timeline, you will see the bus.

This bus controls the softsynths volume directly. It does not control the MIDI data on the track. This bus is the "output" audio of the softsynth. So when you adjust its volume, any and all MIDI tracks that are assigned to the Softsynth and are sending MIDI data to the softsyth will all have their audio output from the softsynth bus to the master (by default).

Unless this particular synth documents how its volume can be adjusted using MIDI contoller messages, this is the only way you can adjust the volume.

When you expose the softsynth bus on the time line - Ctrl-B or just B, or from the View menu - you can add a volume envelope for the bus as well.

Again, this will not adjust the track's volume, but the final output of the softsynth.


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