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Subject: v2 is here, but...
Posted by: duncandisorderly
Date: 7/22/2013 2:27:26 AM

does anybody else feel it's a bit early in the life of this software to be charging us early adopters $200 for an upgrade?


Subject: RE: v2 is here, but...
Reply by: Cielspacing
Date: 7/22/2013 2:44:20 AM

Well, reading from some forum posts here that detail how version 1.5 actually downgraded some of v1 usability... I would have expected Sony first to actually repair v1.5.

I am a long time Soundforge user with an eye to how Spectralayers behave, and I will have to take in account this overt disdain with their actual users...

Therefore it is either engineers have actually nailed most functions and requests correctly this time... or I will have to keep the distance unless a very attractive sort of "Competitive Upgrade Offer" for Soundforge users or alternatively, some very attractive bundle comes out...

All because Version 1 and v1.5 didn't live up to the marketing hype and now we see this treatment to their user's base...
///Sony wiil have to put very solid arguments on the table for some of us to step in.

Subject: RE: v2 is here, but...
Reply by: xybor
Date: 7/29/2013 10:46:32 AM

I think the upgrade is expensive, feature poor and untimely.

I use Sony products as well as Steinberg products for audio editing.

SpectraLayers and SoundForge each list for $400, with an upgrade price of $199 (discount to $149 for early movers) = 50% / 38%.

In comparison, Wavelab lists for $500. The recent upgrade from WL7 to WL8 was $99. AMAZING upgrade in features/functionality, for 20% of the full list product. Wavelab 8 is A GREAT PRODUCT, and well worth the upgrade. I DID NOT HESITATE TO UPGRADE. (I still HATE the dongle)

As far as I can tell, the major innovation for the Sony products was integration between SoundForge and SpectraLayers. So, where is the beef? Why should I pay the HEFTY upgrade price ON EACH PRODUCT with minimal new functionality as stand-alone products. I don`t get it. Perhaps I am missing something in the product descriptions.

I REALLY LIKE both SoundForge and SpectraLayers. But before I pony up $300 for upgrades, Sony needs to make it worth my while FOR EACH PRODUCT ON ITS OWN. I don't see $300 in value, regardless of Sony's cost to integrate the products.

If Sony product managers are monitoring this forum, you can check my account. I am also a long time Vegas user. I used SoundForge products before they were acquired by Sony. I ALWAYS upgrade.

What a product management debacle. Needless to say, I have not upgraded either SoundForge or SpectraLayers, and I do not intend to.

Subject: RE: v2 is here, but...
Reply by: Downunder
Date: 7/29/2013 10:18:00 PM

I totally agree with what you say I am a long time user of Sound Forge (and Vegas) from the very early days. I also have Spectral Layers and I would be very interesrd in upgrading both but not at usd$300. Take note SCS it is too expensive.

Subject: RE: v2 is here, but...
Reply by: Sneddy
Date: 8/14/2013 7:43:14 AM

If I were a decision maker at SCS, this is what I would have written to Spectral Layers

Dear SL User,

We at SCS were a bit quick to release this software. While powerful in the hands of our software engineers and advanced SCS users, we see the shortcomings of SL compared to our other successful product launches. We are offering early adopters a chance to unregister SL and use the purchase price toward the purchase of our other products.

I suggested this to SCS but to no avail. I have and continue to blame myself for not trying this software first. The reasons I didn't (admittedly bad excuses):
1) SCS makes GREAT software that is ready to go for all levels of user and I never dreamed they would have released something like SL, especially knowing companies like Izotope, Melodyne, and Waves have nice noise reduction/sound manipulation products that are ready to go.
2) I waited to the last day to take advantage of the $200 entry price including the

Subject: RE: v2 is here, but...
Reply by: DeadRadioStar
Date: 8/24/2013 6:17:35 PM

".... blame myself for not trying this software first"

Well .... don't! I tried the first demo, which didn't work very well on my hardware, so I went and upgraded (better GPU) and tried again, but the demo had timed out, and there was no way to try again on the same PC. What a load of nonsense for such an expensive product! So .... don't blame yourself for not having tried it .... you probably wouldn't have been able to anyway.

I even posted that I would buy the thing if they would only allow a second trial period, and there was no response. Does anyone from Sony even read this forum?

I'll be sticking with Steinberg for audio!

Subject: RE: v2 is here, but...
Reply by: Sneddy
Date: 8/28/2013 9:39:17 PM

My sense is that they may have someone read these postings and in this case are using the benign neglect tactic. I don't blame them with software like this! Out of curiosity, are there any SL users who have used SL (either v1 or 2) with a music stereo file and do anything substantial with it (i.e. raise or lower the gain of a guitar part without noticeable artifacts)? If yes, is there a way you could share your result (the before and after)? I'd love to know what's possible in a music track - not a track with an annoying siren. Thanks in advance.

Subject: RE: v2 is here, but...
Reply by: Bax3
Date: 10/17/2013 9:35:57 PM

It would be interesting to hear some user examples. However, did you notice there seems to be no was to post music or photos to the forum.

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