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Subject: WAV files save as TIFF in Windows 7
Posted by: briargallery
Date: 2/22/2013 1:16:35 PM

I've just upgraded to Windows 7, 64 bit, from Windows XP, 32 bit. Everything in Sound Forge 10c seems to be working fine EXCEPT that whenever I try to save a file as a WAV, the file gets written to the hard disk as a TIFF file. Not that the file really is a TIFF file: if I go into file manager and change the extension TIFF to WAV, the file plays back fine. So Sound Forge is saving a WAV file, but something is forcing the extension to TIFF instead of WAV.

No amount of fiddling in the "Save As..." box prevents Win7 from changing the requested WAV to TIFF. *Any* WAV that I try to save in Sound Forge 10c will wind up being written to the hard disk withthe letters TIFF substituting for WAV.

I was completely perplexed by this oddity until a search of the Internet came up with the following obscure forum post from 2010:

That string reports exactly the same difficulty and includes the following confirmation from one of the members of the forum:

Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:10 am
We've seen this issue in the past when users have used programs like Laplink's PC Mover to move OS installs (with apps) from one machine to another, generally when they're moving from one OS to another. (IE: WinXP to Win7x64.) I'd generally advise against that sort of workflow.

A clean OS reinstall fixes the problem. Alternatively, you could try contacting Laplink's support department to see if they offer some kind of workaround.

And yes, indeed, I *did* do a Laplink/PC Mover transfer from my WinXP 32 to a Win7 64 ... so presumably this is a known problem in some quarters.

I can't find any reference to this issue over at Laplink so presumably they haven't developed a fix. Has Sound Forge dealt with this difficulty? An entire re-install of Win7 would be tedious at this point. At the moment my workaround is simply to rename all the TIFF files manually after Sound Forge has finished. Tedious as well.

Many thanks.

Subject: RE: WAV files save as TIFF in Windows 7
Reply by: SonySQAPete
Date: 2/23/2013 10:30:05 AM

That's amusing; the post you dug up is actually a thread on a forum that populates itself entirely with content that's copied from this forum. The original thread on this forum can be found at:

To answer your question: what you're seeing isn't a bug within Forge. We have no way of "dealing with" this issue, as it's occurring at the OS level.

You're going to have to reinstall the OS to resolve the problem.

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Subject: RE: WAV files save as TIFF in Windows 7
Reply by: John_Cline
Date: 3/2/2013 6:36:53 AM

Curious, I have exactly the same problem only my files are saved with the .WPD extension. This happens on all audio file types, not just when saving .WAV files. I sure would like to figure out what setting in the Registry has been hosed so I could fix it. None of my other audio editing programs do this and I sure don't want to reinstall the OS if I can help it.

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Subject: RE: WAV files save as TIFF in Windows 7
Reply by: rraud
Date: 3/3/2013 9:28:04 AM

Not sure if this Default Program Editor utility would help but it allows controlling of the file types, icons, associations and other parameters that were removed starting with Vista to 'dumb down' the OS.
As always, caution should be exercised as well as having back-ups when screwing with the registry.

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Subject: RE: WAV files save as TIFF in Windows 7
Reply by: jackn2mpu
Date: 3/4/2013 4:59:46 PM

Do you by any chance have any photo editing software on your computer like Photoshop? It's possible that's what's screwing up your files.

The other is a massive registry error - fixing that is ugly and probably won't be helped except to reload Win 7.


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