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Subject: Custom Toolbar??
Posted by: WayneM
Date: 5/4/2012 1:00:16 PM

With each "upgrade" (meaning feature sparse, buggy releases to generate revenue from those of us who haven't yet tossed in the towel) Sound Forge seems to be a more unreliable tool.

Since a couple releases ago it seems that items on the default Toolbars disappear and have to be manually added. I've just about learned where they are when a new release hits. With 10 I noticed that Insert Silence had gone missing, so I added it manually.

QUESTION: I looked thru the interface and don't see any way to add a custom Toolbar. . .my own toolkit so to speak. I can find no mention in the Help file or in the Forum. So, without going to some sort of plug-in, is it possible to add a Toolbar with my most used internal SF tools?

I've been using Sound Forge since around 1996. The upgrades since Sony got involved have been largely disappointing. It is like watching a good friend die of neglect. I still have to have 9 available as that is the only one that the Spectrum Analyzer will run in. I use the SA often and it can be a real godsend with certain challenges. When used in 10 it will come up and sometimes you can get one analysis, but make any changes to the settings and SF 10 crashes hard.

I've opened two tickets and after no response from Sony I get the message that if they don't hear from me immediately it will be assumed that the problem has been resolved. Notably, Sony is more attentive when taking money for these upgrades.

FWIW, I passed on the Vegas Pro upgrade to 11 since beta and early users reported that the image stabilization model was made worse than the one in 10.

On those cheery notes. . .

Subject: RE: Custom Toolbar??
Reply by: kryten
Date: 5/4/2012 9:24:42 PM

I've upgraded thru 9 and always still go back to 4.5. It actually does run on Windows 7. Both install and run as administrator and it works a treat. CDA 4 too.

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