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Subject: Upgrade to ver. 10 pricing sucks!
Posted by: NeverAgain
Date: 1/5/2011 10:13:27 AM

I have been using Sound Forge, Acid and CD A. for years. Never Again will I purchase a Sony product of any kind!

The price of upgrading from Sound Forge 9 to Ver. 10 is simply crazy. Never have I had to pay such a high price for any upgrade. My Cakewalk upgrade is only $99.00. I could buy a new Pro Tools package for what Sony wants to charge a loyal user of it's software, for an upgrade only.

As much as I would like Sound Forge, Sony's greed makes me sick.

So, never again, will I use a Sony product.

Sony, you suck!

Subject: RE: Upgrade to ver. 10 pricing sucks!
Reply by: kryten
Date: 1/5/2011 8:58:02 PM

I kinda have to agree here. Years ago before Sony took over, Sonic Foundry had a decent upgrade price that didn't expire. $99 if I recall. I upgraded to all versions up to and including 9. I didn't upgrade to 10 because of all of the complaints from the release version of 10, and none of the problems were addressed until after the "special price" expired. So I didn't upgrade. Loyal user since v. 4.5. Fail. BTW...4.5 works just fine on Windows 7 64-bit if you run it as an Administrator. No issues at all so far. CDA 4.0 too. I'm happy.

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