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Subject: Groove Agent III
Posted by: Tim Tyler
Date: 12/26/2007 2:08:12 PM

Has anyone in the forum been successful at getting Groove Agent III to work with Acid Pro 6.0d under Windows VISTA Home Premium?


Tim Tyler

Subject: RE: Groove Agent III
Reply by: Tim Tyler
Date: 12/28/2007 5:44:20 AM

I'll try again...

Has anyone been successful at getting Groove Agent III working AT ALL with Acid Pro 6.0d?

WARNING: I'm asking the question because I have been unsuccessful. It's not a problem with ACID, it's Groove Agent III. Support of any kind from the US distributor of Groove Agent III (Yamaha) is non-existent. The Steinberg team in Europe won't even reply to my requests for help. While Groove Agent III looks to be a superior upgrade to the product, it's useless since it won't function as a VST instrument within ACID. My configuration is not exotic. It's very basic. I can only conclude Groove Agent III is beta-ware and it's buggy. Be aware of this if you're involved in production with deadlines. Don't count on Groove Agent III to function at all within ACID. Additionally, the Syncrosoft license program in conjunction with the Steinberg key requirement creates a very bad nightmare if you install Groove Agent III and then have to back up to a previous version.

What a mess!!!

Subject: RE: Groove Agent III
Reply by: Tim Tyler
Date: 12/31/2007 7:53:54 AM

Hasn't anyone even tried Groove Agent III with Acid? I can't believe there are no responses here.

Subject: RE: Groove Agent III
Reply by: Patrick@Denman
Date: 12/31/2007 5:51:33 PM

Well, looks like you have come across something that nobody in the ACID world is dealing with. But it does raise an interesting issue.

Now I'm not familiar with the specifications of VSTi as a technology, but it does seem sensible to me that if something is described as a VST instrument, then it should work in any host application that supports the technology. And ACID should support it on that basis.

VST and VSTi are both Steinberg technologies, so I have to believe that they will build to the specifications. Therefore it does suggest to me that ACID may actually be the problem here.

If it's any consolation, I have had experience with another VSTi being handled strangely by ACID. I am running Native Instruments' KONTAKT 2, and have noticed some odd things in the way that ACID hosts this plugin. There is another thread on this at [link] in case you're curious.

At this point, given the underwhelming response from the users, you might want to open this issue with Sony Creative. But my expectation is that you won't get much help before they release version 7 which (according to rumors elsewhere in this forum) should happen in a few months.

One other thing that you might try is to use Grove Agent 3 in another host program. There is a trial version of REAPER available at It's very ACID-like in a lot of ways, but it has a very small footprint - and it is missing several ACID features - but at least it would provide a means of testing out the plugin. If it works there but not in ACID, then you'd know that the problem is with ACID.

Good luck and Happy New Year.

Subject: RE: Groove Agent III
Reply by: Tim Tyler
Date: 2/5/2008 2:26:46 PM

Thank you so much for your kind reply! The resources you listed and the other thread are much appreciated. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. I gave up.

Subject: RE: Groove Agent III
Reply by: Tim Tyler
Date: 2/20/2008 4:12:22 PM


Again, thank you for your kind assistance. As I've posted in the Kontakt thread, you were correct. It's an Acid problem. Groove Agent III works flawlessly in Reaper. It even reads odd time signatures and responds appropriately.

Thanks again to your kindness and knowledge, I'm experiencing a new program, learning it, and liking it.

Best to you!


Subject: RE: Groove Agent III
Reply by: jackn2mpu
Date: 2/21/2008 6:59:02 AM

I wonder if any of this Groove Agent 3 stuff may have to do with Steinberg's new vst/vsti spec (aka vst/vsti version 3)? I gave up on GA when it went to a dongle for GA2. They don't say whether GA3 is written with the newer spec or what.

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