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Subject: Idea : Time Machine in Acid
Posted by: Zacchino
Date: 11/9/2007 2:21:51 AM

I saw the demo of this new function in OSX. And I thought to myself "that would be awesome with Acid".

Imagine you're editing an FX chain of a guitar or a Bass, to get "another sound" out of it. Well, you would push a "Save Now" button, and you could give it a name after the timestamp but it would be optional, and you could program it so that it saves your song every X minutes (just like autosave, but with a scheduling function).

GUI talking, it would be 1 more tab in the Preferences to tweak this TimeMachine pannel, and in the main sequencer, it could be a Tab-able Dock Window (just like in Dreamweaver). Where you could see the whole history of changes, but smartly arrange just like this :

If I pressed CTRL+Z like 4 times, instead to display 4 times CTRL+Z, or 4 Times "Copy Track", it would group it into one subfolder.

Also it would have "*Highlitghted" points of the "Saves Now" with its title like "Untitled" (if I didn't give any title), "Autoamtic" (if it's an automatic save), "Freeze Track 05 : Bass" if I froze a track, and named "Bass FX chain changes" if I took the time to rename it.

I donno but I feel like Acid is lacking some serious arrangement function too. This one could definitely save me some hell of a time digging into my .acd edits that I save in my song folder when changing / arranging a song.

Not to say, but the "Project Section" tool was a great idea, but I never use it as most of the time, in my song, I have Midi files or Audio files that are "off the loop section" but that HAVE TO BE taken into account when repeating / copying parts of my song. Thus this tool is just a toy that's only good if I'm making some kind of loop only song I donno ^^.

If you take your time releasing AP7, I don't care. But at least finish the good ideas you began in AP6. Project Section has to be more like a Selection tool, where you could take the elements you need to copy GROUPED (Like a "Select / Add / Remove" switchable selection tool with smart shortcut assigned to it).

And it would color the defined section adding a Blue, Yello, or whatever color you choose melting with the element's (midi file's, audio file's) color.

You guys feel me on these idea ?

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