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Subject: Strange Surround Sound
Posted by: Billy d
Date: 10/20/2005 5:49:16 PM

I am having trouble getting the ac3 encoding in Vegas 6 to work the way I think it should (I had the same problem with Vegas 5).
I am playing back my burned dvd's on my home 5.1 setup.
1) Using the default template my 2 rear speakers have no or very little sound, and yet they are fine with dvd's such as Lord of the Rings.
2) By experimentation I find I can get something better in Vegas by unclicking "Use LFE". This gives me reasonable rear sound and something approaching the sound space I expect. However this seems odd that I should have to do this, and of course means I can not burn anything using the LFE.
3) Even with "use LFE" unchecked, if I pan a sound hard left rear or right rear I get mono out of both rear speakers - even though only the left (or right) speaker should have the sound in it. If I move the sound forward, say to 90% rear and 100% left or right the sound appears from about the correct location in space.
My front and centre speakers correctly handle a sound being place hard up to them in Vegas.

Why doesn't the Vegas 6 default 5.1 surround sound setting work for me?
Does it work for anyone?

Subject: RE: Strange Surround Sound
Reply by: RickZ
Date: 10/21/2005 2:23:22 PM

I had a lot of trouble getting surround to work as well, but after reading part of the manual found I could click off the front speakers in the surround track, click off the surr spkrs in the main track, also click off center, as I don't use it for the music I'm trying to put onto DVD. There's a preprocessing tab on the encoder that can help give a sound more to you're purposes, I changed the compression from standard to light music. Since I'm working with organ recordings, the LFE is essential, and that is working fine.
I'm not sure I exactly covered your question, but be sure to check out all the options on all the tabs of the encoder.
Hope this helps.
Rick Z

Subject: RE: Strange Surround Sound
Reply by: Billy d
Date: 10/22/2005 9:36:28 AM

Thanks, just checked those encoder options out. They make sense now!
Pity Sony doesn't provide some sample settings for various uses of surround sound.
I should email them about it.

Subject: RE: Strange Surround Sound
Reply by: Padre
Date: 1/12/2006 4:57:47 AM

all teh information u need with regard to Mixing Down Dolby Digital encodes is found at

to be frank, the DD encoder within Vegas is THE most comprehensive that i have come across using a variety of different platforms

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