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Subject: Was in the wrong forum?
Posted by: jfer
Date: 11/13/2005 5:32:57 PM

I render a project in v6 using 5.1 surround, then burn it in dvd3 using 5.1 I get no rear channel sound whe I play it on my home system. Using AC 3 i get all the channels to work, but no 5.1 true digital sound. Any possible causes?

Recently I purchased Magix audio cleaning lab and was wondering if this might have caused any conflitcs.

Apparently I THOUGHT I burned or was burning true 5.1, but when I checked a copy of my brother's wedding transfer, it's shows 5.1 on my processor, but no rear channel output sound at all, just RLC.

So what's going on, any help please. I'm using microsoft sound mapper, when I try to use my audigy 2 zs and set the channels it says it does not support the currect sample rate or bit depth. Could thois be the problem and how do can I fix it. This card is supposed to be true 5.1 compatible.

Subject: RE: Was in the wrong forum?
Reply by: jfer
Date: 11/13/2005 5:37:30 PM

Let me update this; if I buen to 5.1 i get my processor to show dolby digital, but only plays left and right speakers.

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