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Subject: Trouble capturing video with multi-channel audio
Posted by: GJC
Date: 4/2/2005 4:15:02 PM

I have recently purchased a Sony DCR-HC90 Camcorder with the ECM-HQP1 4-channel surround sound microphone. Importing to my PC via firewire. I need a software solution that will be able to capture the video while also recognizing the 4-discrete audio channels so that I can ultimately burn this information to a DVD in 5.1 AC-3. I'm aware of the "Click-to-DVD" Vaio software will accomplish this, bit I don't have and won't be purchasing a Vaio. I've tried Roxio VC 7 and Pinnacle Studio 9; neither of which will recognize or encode anything but stereo audio?!?!?!?. This is extremely frustrating, please help.

Thanks in advance.


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