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Subject: Recording events just for 5.1
Posted by: snicholshms
Date: 10/3/2004 9:14:41 PM

Does anybody have any suggestions for recording audio for 5.1 mixing when videotaping weddings, parties, etc.? It seems impossible to take a stereo wav file and mix it effectively into a 5.1 mix that sounds good.

Subject: RE: Recording events just for 5.1
Reply by: Sound_Editor
Date: 10/8/2004 6:31:22 PM


Try getting small audio clips from the film (background voices or whatever) and mixing them into 5.1 If your worried about the sound pannig to one speaker take some more audio background clips and mix them to the other speakers in the 5.1 setup. Also if you like and if possible try getting or download any music that is played during the film (wedding songs perhaps for a wedding) and put them in there for the music and take the small audio clips of background noises and mix them into the 5.1 mix with the music. (cut the music that is on the film out otherwise it will have undesired results) or you can also keep the music that is on the film. just pan that to whatever speaker thats in it's direction and just add the background audio clips. I am putting my favorite tv show on dvd and the original audio is mono. I'm making a 5.1 mix (maybe 6.1 mix) and creating the feeling that the listner is in the middle of the audience, the applause is to the side and behind the listner and the actors are in front of the listner. also to create that studio sound feeling (and to cover up audio gaps between the front and rear speakers when the audience applaudes) i'm applying a small amount of reverb to the side and rear speakers and earley reflections to the front L/R speakers. If you have any more problems or questions post it and i'll help as much as I can


Subject: RE: Recording events just for 5.1
Reply by: snicholshms
Date: 10/27/2004 8:45:53 PM

That's great advice! Thanks!

Subject: RE: Recording events just for 5.1
Reply by: Sound_Editor
Date: 1/3/2005 2:10:23 AM

Your welcome,
Hope it works well.

Sound Editor

Subject: RE: Recording events just for 5.1
Reply by: loverbryant
Date: 2/4/2005 12:25:24 PM

hi chris... sound like ur the expert in sounds with vegas. i need ur help.

1. what i did was imported a video and 5.1 dobly sound music from another DVD music.

2. in the vegas project i selected 5.1 ac3 sound. i cut and edited, blah...blahhh... and the project is now done.

3. i imported that vegas file into DVDA with the project sound selected to 5.1 ac3 sound. and created chapters, menu...etc...

4. finally, i use DVDA to burned into a dvd. took forever to render. after it burned into a dvd, i play on bose, and any other dvd players but no 5.1 sound. only 2 chanel.

why is that? i know the sound is not realisticly 5.1dolby, but at least producing fake surround sound by coming out 5 chanels. please help. thanks.

Subject: RE: Recording events just for 5.1
Reply by: Sound_Editor
Date: 2/6/2005 7:08:43 PM

OK try this.

Did you go into File, Properties in Vegas and under the audio tab you selected 5.1 surround and then mixed everything in 5.1. (lets say that you did) If you got sound going to all 5 channels in vegas and you rendered the file In Dolby Digital 5.1, but when you played it back you didn't get 5.1 sound, try going into your DVD players setup menu and making sure Dolby 5.1 is selected. If it is, before you take the AC3 file into DVD Architect, try playing it back on your computer using a software DVD player, (EX. WinDVD is what I use when I want to preview AC3 5.1 before I take it into DVD architect) if it plays in 5.1 it might be something in your Surround Sound system. (what version Of Vegas and DVDA are you using) or also it could be that your DVD burner is not supporting AC3 burning, (only a select few DVD burners work with 5.1 unless your using Vegas 5.0 and DVD architect 2) I own a Sony DVD burner.

If you do get 5.1 sound on your computer, give me more information on your home theater setup so that I can help you better. More than likely if you mixed in 5.1 in vegas and rendered as AC3 5.1 Checked it on a software DVD player (WinDVD is good for testing AC3) before you took it into DVD architect, it's something with your Home theater setup.

Hope this helps
yes it does take a long time to render in dvd architect


Subject: RE: Recording events just for 5.1
Reply by: Sound_Editor
Date: 2/20/2005 1:58:19 AM

Also I've heard that Bose DVD players aren't very good at playing back burned DVD's

Hope all works well

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