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Subject: New guy questions
Posted by: Zon
Date: 2/5/2005 10:12:22 AM

Hi guys,

New guy here, though I'm not a Vegas user yet. I'm looking at getting into video work, if for no other reason than it's something I've been interested in for 15 years, and I'm ready to get out of the IT industry. The goal initially is wedding videos, and personal projects such as short films, but I'd like to keep my options open in the future, and learn as much as about the business from a TV and film perspective as possible.

I'm hoping some of the more experienced users out there can help out with some of the following questions. I'm interested in Vegas mainly because of the price, and the Product of the Year for 2004 award it got for best advanced editor in Video Magazine, but I'm still curious about how it compares to Final Cut Pro and Adobe Video Collection (and any other tools I should consider but am not aware of yet).

I need to buy a new computer no matter what I choose so I'll probably go with either a dual G5 2Ghz system if I go FCP, or a comparable AMD64 or P4 system.

Without further ado, the questions:

1) I've read Avid is pretty much king of the hill in the business, but is Vegas used much in the video industry in as a professional product? What major film / tv projects has Vegas been used in. I'd really like to read about some of the success stories people have had using Vegas.

2) What would be the disadvantages of using Vegas over other products? What obstacles / limitations would you run into trying to use Vegas in a professional project such as a feature film or network TV show / movie?

3) How does Vegas compare to Adobe Video Collection and Final Cut Pro in terms of speed, assuming you were using comparable systems, and creativity tools?

4) If I purchase Vegas this weekend, and a new version is announced in a month or two, what's the upgrade path? Do I get a complimentary upgrade or get shafted for the full upgrade price?

5) What is Sony's goal with Vegas in the industry? Is it aimed at small shops, or is it being pushed as a tool for professionals and jobs of all sizes?

I hope these questions weren't too redundant. I found the answer to most of my questions using the search feature, but these were a little more difficult to search for. My goal with the questions is really to find out what kind of future I can expect from using Vegas as my editing tool of choice and how, if at all I would be limiting myself for using this over other products. Once I get started learning a product, I like to stick with it as much as I can.

Thanks in advance for any answers, and any links to success stories, comparisons, etc. is greatly appreciated!

Subject: RE: New guy questions
Reply by: Zon
Date: 2/5/2005 10:13:13 AM

Apparently I'm too much of a new guy, posted this in the wrong forums sorry. Reposting it in the correct forums now.

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