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Subject: DTS surcode price drop and VEGAS !
Posted by: asheraa
Date: 10/28/2004 11:25:13 PM

We all know DVDA will not code DTS, neither Vegas.

The Surcode DTS-DVD encoder price has droped fron arround 2K to $499, and the CD vertion for only $99!!!!!!!
( Surcode works very simple, you input 6 wav files and spits out ONE .wav file with DTS encoding on it). So it is even possible now to have 5.1 DTS in a standard CD !
( provided you play the CD via digital to a DTS decoder receiver, etc )

now, my question is:

1.- Can DVDA import the DTS encoded .wav file, and leave it untouced, without re-compressing? by fooling it to be a PCM? will DVDA mess arround with a PCM wav and re-process an uncompressed file? Will DVDA produce a DTS video this way?

2.- If above does not work, beacuse the DVDA "possible" forced-recompression.
Maybe using VEGAS 5 to import the coded .wav file, merge and encode with the video portion, spitting out a mp2 video, with DTS. AND HOPEFULLY allowing DVDA to accept Vegas output mp2 file, without re-compression, and have a DTS video !!!!

Thanks in Advance !


Subject: RE: DTS surcode price drop and VEGAS !
Reply by: BJ_M
Date: 10/29/2004 5:30:43 PM

1. no

2. use another authoring app instead , like dvdlab pro , which works with DTS and is only about 200$ i think ..

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