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Subject: AC3 custom template question
Posted by: BPB
Date: 9/10/2004 1:44:55 PM

I've followed the posts on the forum and am using 2/0 stereo, -31, 192kbs, unchecked all the input filters and selected none and none (instead of movie standard.

my problem is that it keeps encoding at can I get the 192kbs I selected

Subject: RE: AC3 custom template question
Reply by: Padre
Date: 1/12/2006 5:12:32 AM

u sure ur not gettin confused here??
i can guarantee u that ther is no way in burning hell that youll get a DD encide at 128kbps that would be accepted by DVDA... Vegas will tell u this when u try to encode...

192 for stereo is standard and THATS THAT... anything else is non compliant
96 for DD mono

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